Webinar Description
  • Actionable tips for getting started with personalization
  • Strategies to reduce the cost to acquire a new customer
  • Guidelines for validating a website redesign using customer data

Website Personalization 101

Cara Harshman | Content Marketing Manager | Optimizely
The Essential Elements of Your 1st Campaign

Until recently, most websites have been designed with a one-size-fits-all approach. But more and more, personalized experiences are outperforming generic ones and becoming standard across the web. Whether you’re familiar with personalization or brand new to the practice, join us for this webinar and enable your company to be on the leading edge of digital marketing.

Make Every Click Count

Pam Webber | CMO | 99Designs
Maximizing Your Customer Acquisition Budget

Customer acquisition is at the core of your marketing and growth team’s success. Your campaigns are meticulously planned and executed--from artwork and copy to tracking and attribution, but without a testing strategy you are leaving ROI on the table. Join this webinar to learn how you can maximize the return from your acquisition efforts.

Don’t Redesign Your Website in the Dark

Stephanie Robotham | Head of Corporate Marketing | Optimizely
Master the redesign process with customer insights and data

A website redesign requires major investments of resources and time and it is often fraught with risk and uncertainty. How do you successfully navigate the many moving parts and interests at play throughout the redesign process to reach an outcome that both resonates with customers and increases your business KPIs?

Standing Out in a Saturated Market

Craig Battin | Head of Growth Marketing | Earnest
The Art (and Science) of Distinguishing your Brand

At a time when it’s easier and cheaper than ever before to start (or copy) a business, standing out in a the sea of competition is incredibly difficult. So, what can you do to differentiate? Apart from the products you sell, the experience you provide is a major lever to distinguish you from the competition.
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