Hazjier Pourkhalkhali
Strategic Optimization Consultant

Analyze How to find most impactful areas to optimize on your website?

Improve weak areas on your website & unlock hidden revenue

A successful online optimisation program starts with solid analysis of your website. In this interactive, step-by-step class, we will show you how to uncover the areas on your website that have the biggest revenue potential and how to go about optimizing them for better results.

Annemarie de Jong
Optimization Consultant

Optimize How to create solid hypotheses and set up powerful A/B Tests

Create hypotheses, set up A/B tests & increase conversions

Online optimization without a clear and sound hypothesis is not a good idea. In class 2 of our Optimizely Summer School, we will show you why this is important, how to formulate a bulletproof hypothesis and how to use it to optimize results on your website.

Adam Levinson
Customer Success Manager

Convert How to drive visitors through the entire conversion funnel

Reduce bounces & push visitors through the conversion funnel

The primary goal of your website is to drive people to take the action you want them to take - “convert” in online marketing terms. Examples of conversions are online bookings, downloads, subscriptions/sign-ups and social shares. In this class, we will show you how to set up conversion goals and show how you take visitors through the entire conversion funnel.

Toby Urff
Solutions Architect

Personalize How to personalize user experience based on segments

Create relevant & personalized user experiences for web & mobile

No two visitors to your website are the same. Different visitors have different needs and are triggered by different offerings, images or calls to actions. In our last class, we will show you how to identify visitor segments and how to create powerful personalized user experiences for these segments.