Matty Wishnow
CEO & Founder

Ecommerce Test Ideation: What to Optimize and Why

Actionable ideas to increase revenue for your ecommerce site

Test ideation is at the core of growing your company’s online sales, especially as consumers’ expectations for ease of use and personalized experiences continue to climb. This session will help you uncover tests to increase key metrics, like conversion rates and average order value, and make shopping on your site a delightful experience for every customer.

Arun Sivashankaran
Founder & CEO

Test Ideas to Optimize Every Step of the B2B Funnel

Actionable ideas to engage target accounts on your site

Your company’s success depends on your ability to win key accounts, but coming up with new testing ideas to keep key accounts engaged throughout a long deal cycle can be a challenge for even the most creative of thinkers. This session will unpack the B2B buyer’s journey on your site, revealing test ideas that optimize every stage of the B2B funnel, impact key business KPIs and leverage account-based marketing tactics to deliver a seamless experience to your target accounts.

Jay Atkinson
Director of Optimization
Blue Acorn

Tackle Complex Buying Behaviors in Travel & Entertainment

Actionable ideas to optimize the path of high consideration purchases

With greater emphasis on browsing, comparing deals, and interacting across multiple touchpoints, a repository of test ideas is critical in the travel segment as it enables you to tackle these complex buying behaviours. This session will dive into the anatomy of a travel & entertainment site, unearthing a host of test ideas for increasing landing page conversion, and optimizing mobile site and app experiences to make purchasing a breeze.

Sachin Kamdar

Content Experiences that Drive Revenue

Actionable ideas to increase engagement with your content

A robust queue of testing ideas is essential to ensure that your organization is leveraging leading edge techniques that maximize visitor engagement, which is especially important as competition for consumers’ attention is at an all time high. This session will provide a breakdown of key content components, exposing you to a wealth of test ideas that impact critical KPIs and helping you transform visits into meaningful experiences that will bring visitors back to your site again and again.

Chris Goward
Founder & CEO

Mastering the A/B Testing Idea Engine

Actionable methods for creating a never-ending list of experiment ideas

Whether you’re redesigning a website or improving conversion rates on key landing pages, your ability to generate great test ideas lies at the core of your optimization program’s success. But how do you break out of the cycle of generating a lot of test ideas one month, only to run out of test ideas the next? This session will show you proven methods that successful optimization programs use to generate an endless stream of great test ideas.