Webinar Description
  • Push the boundaries of experimentation to better understand customers, inform critical decisions, and move quickly when developing customer experiences
  • Empower a wide range of teams and roles at your company to improve every web experience
  • Rapidly test applications written in Python, Java, Ruby, and Node

Meet Optimizely X Web Experimentation

Byron Jones | Product Manager | Optimizely
Enable everyone to improve every web experience

Based on what we've learned from our customers over the past six years, we've rebuilt Optimizely's A/B testing product from the ground up. Join us for this webinar and learn how to push the boundaries of experimentation and digital experiences with Optimizely X Web Experimentation.

Meet Optimizely X Full Stack

John Provine | Director, Product Management | Optimizely
Empower developers to experiment everywhere

Web applications are essential to building lasting customer relationships and maximizing the impact of your development team’s efforts. Join us for this webinar and learn about Optimizely X Full Stack, designed so developers can experiment deeply and broadly across your technology stack.

Meet Optimizely X Recommendations

Jon Noronha | Product Manager | Optimizely
Automatically add recommended products or content to increase revenue

With Optimizely X Recommendations, powered by machine learning, you can deliver more relevant recommendations and start generating hands-off ROI. Join us for this webinar and learn how Optimizely X Recommendations enables you to automatically add product, category, and content recommendations to any page on your website.

Meet Optimizely X Mobile

Robin Pam | Product Marketing Manager | Optimizely
Fast, easy and powerful experimentation for mobile apps

As prospects and customers increasingly call upon their mobile devices to interact with your company, it’s essential that you optimize their experience. Optimizely X Mobile makes it easier than ever to empower your app development team to understand the best ways to engage and retain mobile app users – and deliver a mobile experience that converts.
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