Ryan Lillis
Strategy Consultant

Prioritize Your Roadmap

Find the most impactful areas to optimize

When your testing roadmap includes dozens of ideas (each with unique requirements) and each team member is vying for her idea to be run first, effective prioritization becomes paramount. This session will focus on the considerations, tools and frameworks you can use to make sure your roadmap is appropriately prioritized to meet your goals.

Khattaab Khan
Strategy Consultant

Define Testing Goals That Influence Conversion

How to drive visitors through the entire conversion funnel

Aligning the goals measured in Optimizely to the goals that drive business value is fundamental to scaling your testing program. In this session, we will review the value of goal prioritization and how knowing the value of each micro conversion in your funnel can help focus testing efforts.

Hudson Arnold
Strategy Consultant

Personalization: Strategy Essentials

Create relevant & personalized user experiences

A personalization strategy allows you to identify segments of visitors with distinct preferences or needs, and then create targeted experiences for them. In this workshop, you'll learn the fundamental steps to developing your own personalization strategy. Discover how to connect your data and define actionable audiences, mapping them to customized experiences that form the basis of highly personalized campaigns.

Leonid Pekelis

Take Action On Results With Statistics

Make better business decisions with Optimizely's Stats Engine

Optimizely recently released the stats engine, which moves away from the traditional statistics model and into a new framework that is more aligned with modern business operations. In this workshop, we’ll walk you through the core trade-offs in A/B Testing, and how you can use them to decide when to stop running your test.

Pamela Ongchin
Mobile Solutions Architect Lead

Mobile Walkthrough: From 0 to Experiment

Leave ready to start testing your mobile app

Testing and optimizing your mobile apps can help with shorter development cycles, data-driven decision-making, and higher user conversion rates. In this highly interactive session, we encourage you to bring your app (or a sample app), and we’ll walk through the top-to-tail process for using Optimizely on your mobile app. This training is designed for iOS and Android developers who are looking to use Optimizely on their mobile apps.

Amy Herbertson
Technical Support Representative

Build Your Organization’s Optimization Culture

How to incorporate optimization into your company's DNA

The key output of an effective testing organization is data, but data insights cannot be achieved without the collaborative input of the people that makeup the testing organization. Join this session to learn how Optimizely's most successful customers socialize testing and structure their testing organizations.