Optimizely Connect webinar series

Connect your data. Understand your visitors. Increase ROI.

[Watch on Demand] How segmentation lets you create targeted online experiences

#Segmentation #Targeting #Personalization

Testing and optimization has become an important method for marketers to help them achieve better ROI on their marketing programs. Until recently, though, most optimization has been focused on the average best visitor experience. The launch of new segmentation and data enrichment solutions changes everything. This webinar will explore how you can use segments to offer tailored online experiences to specific groups of visitors.

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[Watch on Demand] The One Size Fits all Customer Experience is Dead

#MobileApp #CustomerJourney #MobileAnalytics

Customers have high expectations for a seamless customer journey that spans across multiple channels including the store, website, mobile, email, call centre and more! This webinar will explore how people interact with your mobile app as a part of the customer journey and the impact that testing, data and analytics can have on the user experience.

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[Watch on Demand] Test Your Way into Increased Ad Revenue, Subscriptions and Engagement

#Optimization #Advertisements #AdRevenue

Capturing your visitors’ attention by serving relevant content is key for delighting your customers. But did you know that approximately 50% of advertisements are not even viewed by visitors? This not only affects your top line ad revenue but can also negatively impact your customer’s online experience. This webinar will explore ways to improve viewability of your online ads. 

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Optimize your web & mobile sites with Analytics and A/B Testing

#Analytics #Tracking #KPIs

In the first ever optimization benchmark report (2015), analytics was named as the #1 source to generate ideas for website optimization. This webinar will explore ways to discover weak spots on your website, use analytics to generate more impactful test ideas and measure the impact of your online testing on your company KPIs.

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Gain actionable visitor insights and know what to optimise

#Userbehavior #Heatmaps #Testideas

Many companies find it challenging to decide which elements to optimize on their website. Analyzing heatmaps, conversion funnels and watching session replays helps uncover the areas of your website that have the highest potential for optimization. This webinar will explore how you can combine heatmaps and testing to really understand what drives your visitors. 

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