The Ultimate Guide to Website Optimization for Media Companies

Simple Tips for Media Companies to Boost Monetization & Engagement

Website optimization is crucial for amplifying your ad revenue, subscription sign-ups, and community marketing activity. Media companies have unparalleled opportunities to grow and engage their audiences. This guide provides the most in-depth and thorough crash course that you’ll find.

On average, Optimizely's media customers see a +29% increase in pageviews and a +14% increase in reader engagement. Optimizely was founded to simplify and streamline the website optimization process. Our founding team realized that for many organizations, technical bottlenecks were the norm rather than the exception – limiting how quickly companies could access actionable data.

Since launching, Optimizely has run more than 300,000 experiments and simplified website optimization for more than 6,000 companies in media, e-commerce, travel, SaaS and many more verticals.

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