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5 Strategies for Building a Culture of Everyday, Everywhere Experimentation

Polly LaBarre | Co-Founder | Fast Company Magazine

Staying one step ahead is the key to staying relevant in a fast-moving, ever-changing economy. Tune in to hear best-selling business author and visionary Polly LaBarre describe five practical strategies for doing just that through experimentation that fuels innovation.

Experimenting for Maximum Business Impact

Josephine Foucher | Product Manager | Hotwire

Everyday testing might lead to marginal improvements, but strategic experimentation can move the needle in major ways. Find out how Hotwire uses strategic experimentation to yield insights that open doors to big opportunities.

Building an Experimentation Center of Excellence

Hudson Arnold | Strategy Consultant | Optimizely

Experimentation is gaining traction within complex environments, bringing both challenges and opportunities to forward-thinking organizations. Learn how a world-class center of excellence positions them to effectively take advantage of experimentation.

Interpreting Results of Multi-Dimensional Experiments

Leo Pekelis | Chief Statistician | Optimizely

Sophisticated experimentation programs require sophisticated, multi-dimensional experiments. Understand how to interpret the results of multi-faceted tests and how to do so without fail using Optimizely’s Stats Engine.

Using Personalization for the Ultimate Customer Experience

Reid Bryant | VP, Analytics & Data Science | Brooks Bells

From one-to-most to one-to-one, this session covers the opportunities and challenges across the personalization spectrum. Learn how to pinpoint the most meaningful customer segments, target them in your testing, and tie it all to revenues.

Recommendations Reboot: Improving ROI with Experimentation

Jon Noronha | Director, Product Management | Optimizely

Recommendations are a checklist capability, but manually recommending products and seeing what sticks is not a winning game plan. Learn how leading retailer, Stella & Dot, harnesses and benefits from a strategic, formal approach to experimenting with recommendations.

Optimizely on Optimizely, our ABM Journey

Stephanie Robotham | VP, Corporate Marketing | Optimizely

A successful account-based marketing program is built on a solid partnership between sales and marketing. Find out firsthand how Optimizely effectively navigated the path to transformation of its organization and programs to realize ABM success.

Experimentation Across the Tech Stack

Julia Kastner | Sr. Product Manager | General Assembly

Web application success requires a perfect balance of the optimal front-end experience and back-end processing. Hear how General Assembly and Tripping.com empower their technical teams to succeed through deep and broad experimentation, and how you can too.

Retain or Die: The Retention Playbook

Justin Bauer | Head of Product | Amplitude

The value of the investment to acquire a customer plummets the minute that customer churns. This session walk you through a proven framework for diagnosing and improving retention throughout the customer lifecycle.

How to Optimize the Mobile-Only Shopping Experience

Rick Kenney | Head of Consumer Insights | Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As the retail world evolves from mobile-first to mobile-only, it’s essential for retailers to invest in optimizing mobile shopping experiences. Tune in to understand the current state of mobile shopping and how to go about mobile testing effectively.

Using Psychology to Build Better Digital Experiences

Joanne Locascio | User Research Manager | Zillow Group

Engaging and converting online visitors requires a well-orchestrated combination of digital expertise, scientific inquiry, and psychological understanding. Learn how to tap into human emotion, cognition and attention for outstanding digital experiences.
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